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Building on a solid reputation!

Having successfully completed building the Quartier Frontenac project in Embrun, Mélanie Construction Inc. is proud to present SUNSET FLATS and FAUBOURG STE-MARIE HAMLET in the cosy country villages of Russell and Embrun.


Melanie Construction Inc. has built a solid reputation for first class construction and personalized after sales service. With the popularity of our large lots and functional and personal designs, we carry forward our general uniform concepts to this unique location. All these features set our homes apart from the ordinary.


These fantastic locations will integrate a wonderful series of new and innovatively crafted single family homes. We are proud to enhance the growth and well-being of the community in which we live, play and operate our family businesses. We are confident that you will find our homes ideal, whether you are first time buyers or empty nesters. Amenities, including a medical centre, a bank, stores and schools, are within walking distance. All those who desire a high quality of living are invited to come see all that is offered just 25 minutes east of Ottawa, in Russell and Embrun villages.


For more information concerning local communities, please visit the Russell Township Website at

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